Sunday, June 19, 2011

1000...Part one of a dream, realized.

This post will serve as a placeholder for the story of the night of 1000.  Here are some pics and I hope to post the tale by Weds.  

On Saturday, June 18th, 2011, at 6:20pm, I attended my 1000th movie of my life at the theater.

With my 1000th movie in the bucket and a great Father's Day down, I think I'll take a nap...  Saturday was a great night and between my fantastic wife, my friends, and the hands-down best AMC Theater Crew in the WORLD, it was one hell of a weekend. 

Pregame Meal at Buffalo Wild Wings

What a great wife!!!

What a great crew!!!

V.I.P. Seats...Nice!


Thanks for making the trip to the Capps!

The Penguin has been NABBED by Batman!

The Heart and Soul of the Ghostbusters...Scott and Matt!

Wing Men (And Woman)

Kenny Benne!

Danielle and "Danielle's Mom"

Thanks Heather!

Thanks Ponce!