Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter in 5...4...3...2...1

I am at the double header of HP7 and there is a pretty electric atmosphere.  AMC is running a tight ship and things seem to be running pretty smoothly for the cluster that is afoot!  I have heard the early word from AMC staffers: this movie rocks!
I came and saw the movie Ironclad yesterday and the floor manager told me that people had already been asking about where they could wait in line.  This lady knows!  Wow, she was really excited for this.
Deathly Hallows Part I is first up and it did crack my top 10 last year, so I am in for a double treat!  Some of my work colleagues made the long trek up to my hood, but they are holding down the east wing in Theater 2 and I am resting comfortably in front of a guy already snoring (REALLY!?!) in the west wing's Theater 21.  Hi gang...I hope you liked it!
This just in: 4300 tixs sold for the midnight show at AMC!  What's 4300*10 at the low end (2-D) and *16 at the high end!  That's a lot of cheese!  200 tixs for the 3am already!

I'll check in again later, if I can.  Wands at the ready!

Reel Rhino with Matt aka Harry Potter
Since my initial post failed, I figured I would add: 
  • 400 3am tixs sold as of midnight.
  • At 7:00pm, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II became the #1 midnight release of all time.
  • Reel Rhino says: 4.5 of 5 Horns...see it!!!!

Post Update #2 since I am currently entrenched in the post-flick parking lot cluster.
The crowd waiting for the 3:00am was shockingly large and as mentioned, the parking lot is a zoo.  It is a party atmosphere and much of the hold up is because people are just not leaving.

I very much enjoyed Part II, but, I put it at just behind Part I.  With the year so young, I'll be surprised if this entry cracks my top 10 of 2011.  This was a fitting and very well-made end to this series and the crowd was thoroughly entertained.  This film continued with the high production values and high entertainment value of all of the previous films.  It was fun growing up with these kids.  While I will probably write more on this later, let me say that if you can, see this movie:
  • This weekend in a crowded theater with many HP fans.
  • On the largest, loudest, 3-D screen you can find.
  • Only after watching every film in the series will enhance your experience.

Traffic is clearing...I'm outta here...
Night night!

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