Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Reel Rhino Continues to Exist

Yep, I do.

First Off...Happy, that is!  Yeah, I'm persistent, but I have been a stranger!

I have been really, really busy and I have succumb to the curse that befalls most folks that write for any reason, be it professionally or time.

Yeah, that's right, I've been pretty busy living. 

I do live to 5th grade I won the regional writing award for poetry...I even remember the first few lines:

A look to the future,
A glance to the past,
From cavemen to dinosaurs,
Astronauts to cats.

Yes, that was the AMAZING first stanza that won me a $50 savings bond and also the chance to read said poem at the Millcreek Township school board meeting.  In fifth grade, that was on par with national publicity.

So I really do love to write and I would love to write on a more professional level (maybe someday), but for now, this is my venue.

That is the is my venue and I can write once a month, or once a day, and its all good.  Just know that if I had my way, it would be more often than less.  I love you guys, I do!  Yeah, its getting misty in here!

So, seen any good movies lately?

Here's a short and partial list of what I have seen since I last wrote:

Jeff, Who Lives at Home
Men In Black III: Real-D 3-D
The Chernobyl Diaries
The Sound of My Voice
Snow White and the Huntsman
Prometheus: The 3-D IMAX Experience
Madagascar 3-D
Snow White and the Huntsman
Rock of Ages
The Avengers 3-D
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3-D
The Amazing Spiderman: The 3-D IMAX Experience
Safety Not Guaranteed
Moonrise Kingdom
Singin' In The Rain
Your Sister's Sister
Ice Age: Continental Drift
The Dark Knight Rises: The IMAX Experience
The Watch
Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story

Yeah, I've seen a bunch!  In fact my count for the year as of this moment: 194 movies, theater and home viewing included!  If you remember back in January, I made the statement that I would make a run at 365 in 365....well as of today, the 29th of July -- 211 days into the year...I'm still in this thing!!  I was well ahead of schedule until around the end of April.  I will be back!  I will make 365!

As for what I have seen, I wanted to give you a list of must-sees from my list above...

Your Sister's Sister - 4.5 Horns - An indie flick starring Rosemarie Dewitt, Emily Blunt, and Mark Duplass -- DUPLASS IS A GENIUS actor (and director) - see also Safety Not Guaranteed, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, and THE LEAGUE!

Safety Not Guaranteed - 4 Horns - Awesome indie comedy drama that made it to the mainstream theaters for two weeks...starring Duplass and AUBREY PLAZA...everyone loves April from Parks and Rec, and she is channels in Plaza's performance here as well!  This flick is an indie dramedy that by the end, becomes an indie dramedy SCIFI flick!

Rock of Ages - 4.5 Horns - 80's Rock Musical that defied by uncertain expectations to be absolutely effing AWESOME!

The Sound of My Voice - 4.5 Horns - Creepy indie drama...the second larger release after Another Earlth, from Brit Marling...she has writing chops and in the lead role of Maggie, the leader of the cult at the center of this film, this indie drama is also indie sci-fi, that delivers a twist that is well worth the price of admission!

Jeff, Who Lives at Home - 4.5 Horns - I was a quivering mess by the end of this MARK DUPLASS directed flick...yes it was co-directed with his brother Jay, but this is the third entry for Duplass in my must-see list.  Mark Duplass is phenomenal in general, and he and his bro deliver here in a well told, tightly woven story that seems to be all over the place while managing never to lose you!  And holy S, RAE DOWN CHONG is in this thing!  Where has she been!

Prometheus - 4.5 Horns - Sir Ridley Scott demands to be seen.  His touch is golden and his flicks rock, consistently!  

The Amazing Spider-Man - 4 Horns - A story I didn't know needed to be told, actually was told quite well. I think for his delivery, Andrew Garfield is a superior Spidey, but Spider-Man 2 remains my favorite of the Spider-Man flicks!

The Dark Knight Rises - 4.5 Horns - Just a phenomenol end to Nolan's run!  This flick was awesome!  Much more story-centric than the previous two, it will be my #2 in the series, but only a close second to The Dark Knight.  Ledger and Eckhart delivered in a way that may never be matched again in comic book fare, but Tom Hardy did a damn fine job as well.  Bravo to everyone involved in this flick.

I was dissappointed by: Ted, The Watch, and Savages.  That is all I will say about the negative...

Well...its good to see you all...check out some of the flicks I mention will not be disappointed!!

Until later, take care!
Reel Rhino

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  1. I want to see ALL of those movies you reviewed, and may even resort to (gasp!) Redbox for some of them.

    I hope you are feeling well, I called awhile ago to catch you up on all the craziness going on for me this summer and see how you were faring, but didn't get a hold of you.

    I figured I'd probably talk to you sometime around my birthday and it's mostly all up on the blog now anyway. Not that you have to read it. there's a whole bunch of crap up there too that probably isn't much of a read at all. Just some brain dumping.

    Have a fun weekend and I'll talk to you soon!