Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Week Off to Celebrate - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!

All summer, I have consistently been Johnny on the Spot with at least a review a week.  Well this week I took off to celebrate.  My son, JACKSON, turned ONE this past week, and we had the occassion to PARTY with friends and family today (Saturday).

This has been a rough week.  Jackson was sick and Tracie and I toggled time off to stay with the boy.  He also had his 1-year wellness exam, which included three shots, which he did not enjoy all too much.  I have been jammed at work with 12-14 hour days every day this week, and come this morning, we were not prepared to party.

The lawn was not pretty, the house was a mess...for most of the morning there was a Jack Bauer clock ticking in the bottom left corner of where ever I was walking.  In a series of perfectly sequenced events, it came together.  Much in thanks to my darling wife, who had asked me all week, how was I going to handle the lawn.  Well I secured a mower on Friday and I bought a weed whacker on Sat morning.  She whipped the house into shape, with a little help from a friend, and with miracle like proportions, the house was readied and decorated. 

Again, angels were sent to help, as two of Tracie's friends, Amy and Ann, showed up early and took on the role of caterer.  The little guy is worth every moment of it and Tracie and I are both so grateful to him for a great first year of life.

Happy Birthday Jackson...Daddy Loves You!

They say the internet is forever...I hope that it is so that the Reel Rhino Jr. will always be able to learn from papa and one day take up the mantle.  Love ya, son!

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  1. OK, well I guess we won't hold taking the week off against you... this time... =)