Monday, February 28, 2011

The Reel Rhino Oscar Pool WINNERS

The Super Bowl of Cinema has come and gone...(hold on while I compose myself...)

Below my homily will be the results of the 1st ANNUAL REEL RHINO OSCAR POOL.

I love movies and this year's Academy Awards was fantastic.  Franco and Hathaway were excellent hosts and that opening skit was very well done.  I think it is right up there with the Tyler Perry parody featuring Mike Tyson that Jimmy Kimmel featured on the after show.  I hope James and Anne are asked back or maybe go three-way with Hugh that is...

AMC Mainstreet
AMC Theater ran the second of their two BEST PICTURE SHOWCASE marathons this past weekends and the Kansas City Mainstreet Theater ran the coveted 24 hour, 10 movie marathon...very much in the vein of the Austin Draft House's BUTT-NUMB-A-THON. It’s that kind of event that gets me excited…the marathon for moviegoers. I can only wish that someday I will catch the 10-fer. That would be a hell of a boost for the yearly numbers! The tough thing for me is that I usually have seen all of the nominated films through the year and most of them more than once.

PS...The Mainstreet is a theater to be is the nice frontage for AMC you see in the Coming Attractions intro they are currently running before their features.

Matt and Megan, Oscar Marathon Hosts Extraordinaire
My local AMC Theater, Barrywoods 24, hosted its own marathon and they went all out to gussy up the show, including a glamorous Megan and a dapper Matt, two outgoing and well-spoken members of the AMC staff, who hosted the event. I love this kind of a good time…love it! With film attendance at its lowest point since 2002 and January 2011 box office numbers being the lowest in 20 years…we need more events and more good times like these.

AMC Barrywoods, worry not…you can always count on REEL RHINO to keep coming around….I paid $18 to see the Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Movie two years ago…there is no price too high for me to see a flick. IN FACT…I just wrote a check to my good friend THE KID IN THE HELMET for our prime seats at the RED STATE premiere here in KANSAS CITY. With filmmaker KEVIN SMITH on site to introduce it and some of the cast present in the theater for a Q&A afterwards….I love it! Like I said…make it an event and they will come!

I would love to host an Oscar Party next year and my goal for the year is to build up Reel Rhino to the point where I could actually sustain something.  I have had 10,000+ visitors since I started tracking in September, so who knows?

So how did my Oscar Pool pan out?  Did the Reel Rhino take the coveted crown?  Sadly, I did not, but what fun would that be?

I will say that a famous phrase jumped to mind as I was scrambling to organize and then score this through the night....PRIOR PLANNING PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE.  I felt like an accountant on April 15th nearing midnight!

Here are the results...

RANK         WHO                   SCORE      #1 PICKS         
1                  Kristin                     19.5               18
2                 Adam K.                   17                 16
3            Pam and Scooter         16                 13
3               Rebecca G.                16                 13
5                  Capps                      15.5              14
6                Reel Rhino                 15.5               13
7                  Steven                      14                 13
8                  Tracie                       14                 12
9                Danielle F.                 13                 11
10               Susan H.                   12.5              11
11               Ashley V.                  11                 10
12                Troy M.                     6                   6

Queen Kristin
Everyone was asked to rank their top two choices for the awards...if their number one hit....1 point.  If their number two hit....1/2 point.  Ties were broken by the total #1 picks, and we ended up with only one true tie at #3.

In her honor, and to help her get over me using this lovely shot from her Lacrosse program player bio photo....I give you a photo spread dedicated to the reigning Queen of Reel Rhino's Oscar Pool....Queen Kristin:

The Reel Rhino and, make that Mrs. Kristin, at the celebration
following her wedding to my future producing partner, Mr. Jamie.
Killer Beez anyone?

Kristin, Z, and Tracie...Tracie is also known as Mrs. Reel Rhino.
Speaking of Mr. Jamie...
Even though it's 2007, I heard about this movie called
The King's Speech...If Rhino ever has an Oscar Pool, I'm picking it
across the board.  It's about British's gotta be good...
Kristin...I'm coming for you in 2012. :-)  For get to write a movie review of your own AND pick ANY movie that I will review on an upcoming post.  I'm thinking she'll pick Runaway Bride, or some other high brow fare!

Until later...have a great 2011 at the movies....


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  1. I'm SO disappointed that I came in 10th! All hail Queen Kristin! (She doesn't have any sort of speech impediment, does she?)